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Manual for Mental Abacus app

Part 1: Just like the Chinese students you first exercise quick interpretation of abacus images. If you have an abacus of your own, you copy the image on it and then respond in numerical form. This exercise will develop your ability to imagine and keep the abacus images clear in your mind. This skill is essential when calculating using the mental abacus technique.

Part 2: Next exercise is about quick perception of numbers. You get a glimpse of the number. You keep in your head and in-put the answer on the digital abacus.

Part 3: In this exercise, you practice addition, subtraction or mixed arithmetic. You see numbers and hear a voice reading the numbers out loud. Available languages at the moment are English and Swedish. You can also choose other languages from your built in system

Part 4: The forth exercise practices your mental arithmetic skills. This means that you visualize numbers as abacus images and then calculate by moving the beads for your mind´s eye. By practicing all four steps of the Mental Abacus app at each training session, you will notice that it gets easier and easier to make calculations with this technique.

Part 5: Settings

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